Retractions in Marketing

Running tally: 16 marketing pubs retracted

Retractions in marketing journals

By default, the most recent retractions are at the top.

Inclusion criterion: These retractions are in journals with high bars to publication. Some would call them "A" and "B" journals. I've also left out a few where there was a minor issue that was corrected or it was a mistake by the publisher.

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Researchers with a series of retractions

This information is included for historical purposes. It is meant to highlight scientific misconduct, not to shame people who make honest mistakes. My hope is that openness around scientific misconduct will reduce its occurrence.

Brian Wansink

0 marketing pubs retracted

Although he hasn't had a marketing pub retracted yet, he has had many, many other papers retracted and is included here because he was a marketing professor. Wansink was forced to resign due to scientific misconduct exposed by a team of 4 early-career researchers (James Heathers, Nick Brown, Jordan Anaya and Tim van der Zee). Wansink's work was exposed to contain a variety of recurring errors: duplication of content, tables, numbers; means table errors, unbelievable numbers, etc.

Articles about former marketing professor, Brian Wansink: Vox NPRBuzzFeed

Also, check out Jordan Anaya's video describing the investigation

Dirk Smeesters

3 marketing pubs retracted

Serial fabricateur caught by Uri Simohnson.

Diederik Stapel

2 marketing pubs retracted

Serial fabricateur outed by two or three anonymous grad students at his own institution.


There is still not enough public information on Ping Dong (3 marketing pubs retracted) or Nicole Coleman (4 marketing pubs retracted) to create a profile for them in this section but here are some links: