Replication Corner

Currently, a special section of Marketing Letters


The editorial team that encourages replication studies in marketing values conceptual replications over direct replications. Their reasoning is laid out in Lynch et al. (2015). Published conceptual replications in marketing have been mostly successful. The editors note that they run into two problems (1) successful replications are more interesting and more likely to be published, and (2) original authors are included as reviewers and the editorial team yields too readily to their pushback against publication. The Replication Corner went from IJRM to Journal of Marketing Behavior to Marketing Letters (current). Lynch et al. (2015) also includes an overview of 30 (mostly successful) conceptual replications published at IJRM between 2013 and 2015.

Lynch Jr, J. G., Bradlow, E. T., Huber, J. C., & Lehmann, D. R. (2015). Reflections on the replication corner: In praise of conceptual replications. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(4), 333-342.

Current guidelines

"The Replication Corner encourages conceptual replications and replications with extension. In a conceptual replication, authors attempt to test the same construct and relationships as the original paper but with different operationalizations of independent and dependent variables. In replication with extension, the authors provide both a relatively “close” replication of the original with similar operational independent and dependent variables, and an extension that varies at least one critical factor in the original study. "

Current editorial team

  • Eric Bradlow, University of Pennsylvania

  • Joel Huber, Duke University

  • Don Lehmann, Columbia University

  • John Lynch, University of Colorado

Bradlow, E. T., Golder, P. N., Huber, J., Jap, S., Labroo, A. A., Lehmann, D. R., ... & Winer, R. S. (2020). Relaunching Marketing Letters. Marketing Letters, 31(4), 311-314.