Replications in Marketing

Running tally: 3/28 (10.7%) were unambiguously successful

Preregistered direct replications of marketing studies

By default, the newest replications are at the top.

Inclusion criterion: Original study appeared in a marketing journal (journals with the word "consumer" or "marketing" in the title).

Am I missing one? Please send me a link to the replication study: Contact Aaron

Large scale replication projects

Data Replicada Project

A series of ten replications by research teams of Leif Nelson and Joe Simmons posted to their Data Colada blog. All are listed in the table above.

Overview of Data Replicada project

Scarcity project in PNAS

A series of 20 replications of scarcity studies, 10 of which originally appeared in marketing journals, and are included in the table above.

Link to paper

Score project
In progress/not public

A large-scale replication project known as the Score Project is working on some marketing replications. It is associated with the Center for Open Science.

Gilad Feldman lab

Gilad Feldman, his students and collaborators have conducted dozens of replications in the area of judgment and decision-making. I recently noticed that he has several marketing pubs in the pipeline.

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